Ever wonder what the Armstrongs are doing way up here in north Norway? Now you can sit back and eat some popcorn, and enjoy some real reality entertainment much better than the Kardashians! Hope you enjoy and share my blogg!

Nerd Of The North is taking over Norway one video and one box at a time! <3

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    Oh boy what a pleasure it is to bring you a video or two every week. I seem to have an addiction for creation, and I just have to do it! I have a full time job, so unfortunately I can only muster up one or two videos a week, but my dream is to someday bring the fans much more! Things have been moving along nicely for Jason Armstrong A.K.A Nerd Of The North. This month I combined my efforts with a local restaurant here in Troms called Burgr to bring you an actual Nerd Of The North cheeseburger with an offer of 10% off the price for subscribers to my channel! Let me tell you, this burger is DELISH! I have also been interviewed by the local newspaper Nordlys, and am patiently waiting a fabulous article in the newspaper upcoming! In my latest video I take on the roll of Batman, or as I call it Batnerd. Have a look at some of my latest videos and don't forget to subscribe!

    As I mentioned, I have gotten a cheeseburger in my name. I present to you the Nerd Of The North cheeseburger. To all residents of Troms I urge you to indulge in this tasty pleasure at skippergata 6a in downtown Troms. I even got to open a sick Stan Lee Limited Edition box in the restaurant! Have a look at the unboxing video! 

    What a pleasure it was to work with the staff of Burgr and create this fancy cheeseburger and video! I even came up with a bonus video which completely showcases the awesomeness of the Nerd Of The North Cheeseburger! Check it out!

    I hope you enjoyed that, and I hope you aren't too hungry now! I just have one more video I would like to shout out, and it is the latest Horror Block unboxing for all you horror fans. Don't be scurred and just check it out!

    Thank you so much for checking out my videos. Today I am brainstorming new ideas, and creating even more entertaining content for your viewing pleasure! Be sure to subscribe to my channel, share my videos, and tell your friends about Nerd Of The North. Be yourself, be a nerd. Nerd Of The North. 

  • Publisert: 05.03.2017, 10:17
  • Kategori: Blogg
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  • 3 kommentarer


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    Heisan :)

    Hvor ble det egentlig av disse christmaspakkene som du skulle sende ut?

    Jeg har n egentlig venta i spenning i 2 mneder n, har enda ikke sett noe til en pakke.

    Adressen er

    Balls of Norway As

    Magnus Barfots gate 27

    5015 BERGEN

    Mvh Raoul Duke


    18.03.2017 kl.13:08

    Gonzo: Hey mate this is quite interesting. There must have been some confusion. I have a friend on my facebook named Raoul Duke. I contacted him after the contest and have sent the prize to him. So either I sent it to the wrong raoul Duke or there was simply 2 Raoul Duke's playing the game. Either way, if you like I can send you a steam game. (:

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