Ever wonder what the Armstrongs are doing way up here in north Norway? Now you can sit back and eat some popcorn, and enjoy some real reality entertainment much better than the Kardashians! Hope you enjoy and share my blogg!

Happy New Year Horror Cookies!

  • Publisert: 02.01.2017, 13:28
  • Kategori: Blogg


    2016 is officially the past and 2017 is the NOW! I am so excited to bring you my latest unboxing video! I am unboxing the November Horror Block box which comes packed full of horrific pleasure. Before I get things started I have to test out these horrifyingly delicious gingerbread cookies! Come watch the whole video on my YouTube channel. 

    What did you think of my Bloody Butcher costume? Would you like to try horror cookies! If you didn't see the bonus content from last week, come have a look! It is something special for the Star Wars fans!

    Thanks for watching! IF you haven't done it yet, please come subscribe! I give out freebies every month to my loyal subscribers so let your inner nerd out and subscribe to my channel! Have a great day!

  • Publisert: 02.01.2017, 13:28
  • Kategori: Blogg
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