Ever wonder what the Armstrongs are doing way up here in north Norway? Now you can sit back and eat some popcorn, and enjoy some real reality entertainment much better than the Kardashians! Hope you enjoy and share my blogg!

Dikt samling av Jason Armstrong + Nye dikt!

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    Jeg begynte blogge nesten 100 dager siden. Jeg rullet opp p listene raskere enn tog. Jeg begynte skrive dikt for min blogg p de dagene jeg kunne ikke komme opp med noe mer kreativt. I dag bestemte jeg meg for kombinere alle mine dikt s langt, slik at du mine herlige lesere kan sjekke det ut. Jeg hper du liker!Jeg er ny p poesi ting, s jeg er ikke sikker p om jeg er noe bra. Hva tror du? Br jeg gi det opp eller skal jeg gjre mer?


    Good ole snow why are you here?

    When I went to sleep the skys were clear.

    Now I awake to a winter wonderland.

    I'm sick of snow, don't you understand?

    You always trick me at this time of year.

    You make me believe that spring is near.

    It's been the same for 10 years in a row.

    I think I'm getting used to the Troms snow



    Welcome back my friend it has been a whole week.

    Today is the beginning of the highest peak.

    Start the day with some coffee and a gym routine.

    Thinking positive would be most keen.

    Put on a smile and your work uniform.

    We will survive this long weeks storm.

    Take each day one at a time.

    Look forward to the weekend and you'll be just fine.

    Enjoy this day for what it is my friend.

    It always returns in the end.


    17TH OF MAY

    Tis a day of fun and cheer

    This day only comes once a year

    Hip hip hurrah as the children play

    Norway loves to celebrate in May

    Parade down the street in your best bunad

    Its definately not a day for a dugnad

    Eat lots of hot dogs and ice cream

    This day is like a pleasant dream

    Having fun out in the sunshine

    But if it rains we will be just fine

    Be with your family on this special day

    Oh how we love to celebrate the 17th of May



    It's comes around once a year

    We greet it with laughter and cheer

    Working hard every day

    It's such a joy to see that vacation pay

    Some stay home and some go far

    Others spend it at the bar

    This year I make a proclamation

    We're having a stay home vacation

    It shall be peaceful and fantastic

    Staying home for 5 weeks will do the trick

    The countdown is on with much elation

    I can't wait to take my much needed staycation.


    In 2016 the stars  will align.
    7 special people shall all fall in line.
    Ten eighteen twenty fifty sixty eighty.
    It seems like everyone is having a special birthday lately.
    We'll start with the youngest because she's so sweet.
    Little Thea's smile just cant be beat!
    Next up we have those awesome  twins.
     Espen and Stian Growing up faster than 2 whirlwinds.
    The next birthday Is hard to believe
    Ylva is 20 years old  now, oh yes indeed.
    Next on the list is this one amazing guy.
    He is loving caring and kind, and his name is Kai.
    The veteran of this group is strong, friendly, and nifty.
    On this year ladys and gentleman, Roy turns sixty.
    Last but absolutely not least comes  the beautiful Anne-Mor.
    80 years young and going strong for many many more!



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