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Conjuring 2 - I almost crapped my pants

  • Publisert: 09.06.2016, 10:04
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    So again I went into this movie with no expectations. I thought part 1 was quite scary, and I assumed that part 2 might not be as good but still worth seeing. PART 2 WAS EVEN BETTER! 

    I didn't realize that this movie had anything to do with the Amityville house. It starts off with Ed and Lorraine Warren investigating paranormal activities at the Amityville house. Then they move on to the main focus of the movie which takes place far from America in Enfield London.

    This movie kept my attention from the beginning to the end. As a horror fan, it is hard to find a good horror nowdays, but this one did the trick. It was completely creepy and full of scary moments. There are a few cheap scares where it is just suddenly loud and you jump in your seat, and then there are other jump scares where it is loud and you suddenly see something completely evil and creepy. Then there are the jump scares where your mouth drops open and you throw your hands in the are and almost crap your pants. I'm not exaggerating.  I looked over and saw my wife covering her face and cowering in her seat.

    This movie left me feeling like I just went on a roller coaster. The suspense built all the way until the massive climax at the end. I am not sure why I enjoy being scared in this way, but I do. When we got home I was scared to go in the basement and put my clothes in the dryer, and I asked my wife to come with me. For a horror movie I give this a 5/6. If you enjoy horror based on true events, this might be the best there is!

  • Publisert: 09.06.2016, 10:04
  • Kategori: Blogg
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