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Man blogging in a woman's world

  • Publisert: 05.06.2016, 12:51
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    I have been blogging for almost 100 days now. I feel like I am a pretty good writer. I assumed with my skills, and my charm that I would reach the top list in no time. It hasn't gone as easy as I thought.  I have come to the realization of what I am up against.  It seems that 90% of the bloggers on are women. I think it is difficult for a man to survive in this blogger world, but not impossible.

    I spend allot of time going through blogs and comparing mine to the rest. Every day I am learning what sells and what is popular in the blog world. I know I have allot to learn, and in a short time I have already learned allot. Most of my inspiration comes from the lovely ladies blogs. Without the women I wouldn't know what to do, so thank you ladies for guiding me in the right direction.

    I can't get away with talking about my boobs or my ass, because basically they aren't as nice as the girls. When I do duckface it just looks like a a baby who ate a sour candy or something. Nobody wants to see me put on makeup, and I don't blame them. My bikini tan is something that might burn your eyes brighter than the sun. I can get away with blogging about my outfit for the day, but honestly there aren't a whole lot of men reading my material, so I have to get the women's approval.  It seems that as a man, no blog comes easy and you have to use every bit of your creativity to come up with something interesting.

    With that said, I plan to try harder and harder to catch your attention. I am definitely the underdog in this world, but I know that I can be successful. Fist bump to the men who are giving it a go, and hats off to all the wonderful women who have created this blog world. Thanks for having a look and have a great day!

  • Publisert: 05.06.2016, 12:51
  • Kategori: Blogg
  • 7 kommentarer
  • 7 kommentarer


    05.06.2016 kl.13:23

    I feel you! Did you read my mind? :) we just have to hang in there bro, and not let them win! And finally, if you can't beat them, join them ;)


    05.06.2016 kl.13:25

    fjasebloggen: Indeed! Keep up the good work man! (:

    Den Rutete Skjorta

    05.06.2016 kl.13:58

    It ain't always easy being a girl the this bloggingworld either - just so you know ;-)

    I think you just have to write about what makes you happy and what you're passionate about, and make yourself visible on other blogs - that way, people will come back to you. Some will stay and some won't, but that's life :) Have an awesome Sunday :)


    05.06.2016 kl.14:06

    Den Rutete Skjorta: I understand it's just as hard for the girls since my wife was doing it before me. Nothing comes easy, you have to earn it. Thanks for the tips (:


    06.06.2016 kl.05:36

    Hey mate:

    A few things. Being will help writing in Norwegian.

    Try and not focus on it being a womans world. This isnt true...though yes one could think that looking at these blogs. Try and write about something you are passionate about, and also what you would be knowledgable about compared to others. This will give more impact and value to your blog. Blogging is very competitive, so you have to bring something interesting and unique to the table. Talking about your day works for established bloggers, but not when you are climbing the ladder. Lykke til! :)


    06.06.2016 kl.09:45

    Michael: Thanks for the tips!


    06.06.2016 kl.10:02

    Michael: I just checked and I can at least look at the bright side. After just a couple months of blogging every day I am number 20 of men over 40 years old blogging in the entire Norway.

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