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Bardus-Best Restaurant in Troms

  • Publisert: 04.06.2016, 20:50
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    I have been hearing about this place for a while now. Every single person I talk to has seriously enjoyed the food at Bardus. I have lived in Troms for over a decade, and have not eaten a better dinner than the one I ate tonight.


    I have walked passed this restaurant so many times, and every time I think  to myself, hmmm that place looks nice, I'm going to have to try it some time. I regret not trying it sooner because I experienced something special and gourmet.


    I was accompanied by the lovely Mrs. Armstrong. She is always such a sweetheart, and it is a pleasure to go on a date with her.


    As usual she was smiling and looking pretty. I feel so proud when I get to bring her with me on a date.



    I was served this amazing slow cooked beef. This meat was so tender and juicy, I actually put my knife off to the side because the edge of my fork was doing the job with 0 effort. I was so busy eating it, I  didn't even realize what it was served with at first, but it was some potatoes and pureed root vegetables and it couldn't have been a better fit.There was a bit of sauce on it as well which I assume was the flavorful  pan juices. The fresh Norwegian berries on top which are similar to cranberry were also a match made in mouthwatering heaven!


    Tonje was served a wonderful cod dish and lucky for me, she let me have a taste. The cod was just right. It was served with the most delicious pureed carrot I have ever tasted. It had baked fennel on the side and that was the first time I ever tried that. It coupled with the rest perfectly. It was topped with this shrimp sauce that was truly tasty.

    One thing that makes a restaurant perfect for me is when you get just enough food. I don't like  having leftovers because I really don't feel like taking it home but then again I don't want to waste anything either. When you eat everything on the plate and are left scraping up the last drops with your spoon, and are pleasantly full after that, that equals satisfaction to me!


    The dinner was followed by a decadent dessert. I had this chocolate fondant that literally almost brought tears to my eyes. There is something about eating a great dinner and topping it off with an even greater desert that warms me to the soul. I sliced into that thing and I could feel myself automatically smiling as I seen the steamy chocolate ooze out. I honestly could have eaten two of them!

    Tonje had the sorbet and again I was lucky to get a little taste. She chose to have a little of both flavors. It was half coconut and half raspberry.  A nice combination of sour berry and sweet coconut. Yet again I was lucky Tonje got full and I helped myself to her desert leftovers.


    The entire experience was made awesome when I got a personal table visit from a good friend of mine,  the chef himself. This guy is truly a nice gentleman and an expert chef. He whipped up the best meal I have ever eaten in Troms. I am mad at myself for not trying it sooner. From what I understand, Bardus uses a modern style revolving menu which changes often. It makes me excited to see what they have next time, and if it is as good as this meal, then it will definitely be fabulous.  You really can't place an exact value on good food, but I expected to pay much more for such gourmet.  I highly recommend you to try Bardus in Troms! P.S. Don't forget to make a reservation the seats are filling up fast!


  • Publisert: 04.06.2016, 20:50
  • Kategori: Blogg
  • 6 kommentarer
  • 6 kommentarer


    04.06.2016 kl.23:31

    Oooh! Ser godt ut! :D Hpe dkker koste dkker masse! :D


    05.06.2016 kl.01:58

    Det s utrolig godt ut :) Hper dokker hadde en fin dag


    05.06.2016 kl.11:19

    Du vet at det ser altfor godt ut da du fr lyst til sette deg p frste fly! Nam!!


    05.06.2016 kl.11:23

    camillavalent: Words can't really des ribe HOW good it really was!gjr det bare hoppe p et fly! lol


    05.06.2016 kl.16:04

    it looks soooo good!! if i ever go to Troms I'm going to visit that resturant:)


    05.06.2016 kl.16:25

    Tanja: you wont be disappointed! (:

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