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Narkoman Krig

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    Oh boy what a day it was it work. It seems like the action comes in waves. It can be very calm and peaceful without anything eventful happening and then suddenly BAM stuff happens. I can't remember the last time something DIDN'T happen while I was at work.

    I was walking along doing my own thing, about to fill up some fresh strawberries, and I heard some men yelling at each other. I see 2 men who I'm pretty sure both have addiction issues, up in each others faces yelling obscenities. One of them had his fist in the air and I think it was about to go down. I can't let this happen, so I had to approach them to attempt to diffuse the situation.  As they seen me they continued to jaw back and forth but slowly respected my presence and started to break it up.

    I explained to them that it isn't worth it and to just carry on with their shopping. I told them if they wanted to yell and fight that they need to take it outside and not in the middle of the store while standing in front of the ketchup and salad dressing. They broke it up but I could tell that one of them was visibly shaken from the event.

    Later I seen one of the men sitting out on a bench in front of the store. He had tears in his eyes and was very sad. I sat down to talk to him and attempt to cheer him up. He told me that he had so much rage built up inside and he just needed to get it out somehow. I offered him some food which normally he is very excited to get but today he wasn't interested. Not even food could cheer the old guy up. I offered him a chance to come back into the warehouse where we have a bunching bag so he could blow off some steam. He his sadness turned around, and he began to smile. He liked that idea but told me he didn't want to hurt his hands.

    After several minutes of talking, I got the old man to smile. I could tell he really needed a friend at that moment. The empathetic part of me always knows when someone needs a friend. He told me thank you for taking time for him and said that I have a heart of gold and I should never change. It was really nice to get a compliment like that. It means allot to me when someone appreciates the nice things I do.

    Immediately after cheering up the sad guy, I seen one of the addicts who likes to steal come walking in the store. This is one who punched me before for trying to stop him from stealing beer. I watched him closely as he went and slipped an Ice cream into his pocket. I walked directly up to him and took him to the side and asked him if he had planned to pay for the ice cream. He told me of course he was, he just needed to ask a friend to borrow 5 more kroner. I explained to him that it wasn't worth it. Rather than steal he could just come talk to me and I can help him out.  I took him up to the register and pulled out my credit card and bought the ice cream for him. I warned him to never steal again because it would be trouble and I will never help him out again. He was in total shock and appreciation. He thanked me and shook my hand and I could tell he was just in disbelief. It is impossible to stop some of these thieves, but earning their respect does the trick sometimes.

    Near the end of the day my good karma came back around to me. There is a guy who I share the expired fruits, vegetables, and food with. He turns the food into meals for people at the local church mission. Today he shared some of the food with me. He called it Norsk Kylling Salat. Words cant even say how much I appreciate it when someone makes food for me. It warms my heart from top to bottom.

    Sometimes I wonder, what am I actually doing here in this store? Maybe I should have been a social worker or a psychiatrist. I'm always feeling for the people who have difficulties in life. I just want to help them and be their friend and make things better for them. I know I can't help them all but if I just take it one at a time maybe it will eventually make a difference. 

  • Publisert: 03.06.2016, 10:23
  • Kategori: Blogg
  • 8 kommentarer
  • 8 kommentarer

    Mia - Alt annet enn A4

    03.06.2016 kl.10:30

    For en historie! Ja, kanskje skulle du ha vrt psykolog eller sosionom, men da hadde du ikke mtt de i denne settingen. Jeg tror du er p riktig plass :) Ha en riktig fin dag!


    03.06.2016 kl.10:32

    Mia: Tusen takk! Du ha en fantastisk dag og!


    03.06.2016 kl.12:45

    Du er en god mann <3


    03.06.2016 kl.13:03

    mydarklightning: TYVM my friend

    The Journey Of Freedom

    03.06.2016 kl.13:48

    Wow! Jeg satt med frysninger mens jeg leste dette. Det er s stort at du ser dem og er der for dem. St p! <3


    03.06.2016 kl.13:51

    Journey Of Freedom: tusen takk for det. Jeg setter pris p den positive sttten


    03.06.2016 kl.18:01

    Wow! Du e et godt menneske! Snne som deg treng man fler av :D <3


    04.06.2016 kl.19:41

    loconordlending: tusen takk!!Jeg prve mit beste! (:

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