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Rema 1000 All Star

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    Bread Manager

    Cakes Manager

    Baguettes Manager

    Night Shift Manager

    Returns Manager

    Damaged Goods and Out of Date Goods Manager

    Homeless Food Distributor

    New Employee Trainer

    Online Invoice Manager

    Employee Motivator

    Customer Advice Giver

    Trash Manager/Disposer


    Security (thieves and misbehaving customers) 

    Key Points=

    1. Has never been late in over 3 years
    2. Has only taken sick leave once in over 3 years due to a broken finger.(doctors orders)
    3. Started at the bottom on a practice and moved to the top.
    4. Is the face of the nightshift.
    5. Leads by example.
    6. Overcomes challenges on a daily basis.
    7. High tempo, high energy, takes 20,000 steps+ per day.

    Before I started my job at Rema 1000 I was at the bottom. I was broke, jobless, and almost homeless. I was extremely out of shape and at least 20 pounds overweight, which I have now overcome!

    I would like to thank Rema 1000 for the opportunity to grow as a person. The store where I work is the most difficult store I have ever worked at. The difficult times and challenges have been an extreme learning experience and have made me a better person. I am thankful for the chance to show my work ethic to Norway and my boss. Det enkle er ofte det beste!!

  • Publisert: 02.06.2016, 11:59
  • Kategori: Blogg
  • 2 kommentarer
  • 2 kommentarer


    02.06.2016 kl.12:46

    Omg! wow! You are awsome! =D You should have a reward for this! =D I hpoe that people do

    appreciate the things you do at Rema 1000! They really should!


    03.06.2016 kl.10:31

    loconordlending: thank you very much (:

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